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Predictive Marketing by VisitorTrack:  Identify, Track and Translate B2B Digital Behavior into Purchasing Intent

Identify Who Has Been Visiting Your Site — And What They’ve Been Researching Across the Web.

Anonymous Website Visitor Identification + AI Powered B2B Visitor Intent Data = The Ultimate B2B Predictive Marketing Solution

  • Identify anonymous business visitors coming to your website.
  • Pinpoint the companies actively researching topics across the web that relate to your business with Company Surge® intent dataA surge occurs when an organization demonstrates a pattern of elevated content consumption around specific topics compared to its historical baseline..
  • Get comprehensive data profiles for companies visiting your site — including intent scores, B2B topics being researched across the web and the page view history for your website.
  • Engage your target audience faster with accurate contact record details for Account-Based Marketing (ABM), intent qualified demand generation programs, or other sales and marketing execution.
  • Exclusive Web Sleuth™ TechnologyWeb Sleuth™ uses advanced artificial intelligence to deliver more prospects, better targeting, and superior intelligence. uncovers, verifies and validates more business opportunities hiding in your website traffic — especially within the Small to Mid-Size Business (SMB) markets.

Company Surge® B2B Intent Data Helps You Increase Engagement with Your Target Audiences

  • Unveil the research actions of your business visitors before they arrived to your site with Bombora b2b intent data.
  • Pinpoint key business visitors for ABM, intent qualified demand generation programs, intent targeted advertising and other marketing and sales outreach tactics. 
  • Predict which companies are in the most active buying cycles for your products or services based on research activity and b2b intent scores.
  • Customize content for intent-targeted ad campaigns, content marketing and other highly targeted programs to increase audience engagement with the knowledge of which companies are interested in what topics.
  • Prioritize marketing and sales efforts around companies demonstrating the highest demand with the strongest B2B purchasing intent.

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Your next customer is already visiting your website. Learn how VisitorTrack can help you identify and connect with interested prospects.

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Uncover More Business Visitors to Your Website with VisitorTrack's Advanced IP Address Tracker.

Far more powerful than the average IP tracker, VisitorTrack features highly sophisticated Web Sleuth™ Technology – Advanced artificial intelligence that uncovers, verifies and validates more qualified prospects hiding in your website traffic.

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