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Retarget the Optimal Business Visitors Coming to your Website.

Target Top Prospects Before they Arrive


VisitorTarget is an IP-based digital ad delivery toolset which provides a number of advantages over prevailing cookie-based retargeting practices.

Today’s digital marketing arsenal allows for delivery of advertising across a myriad of vehicles. The most prevalent model: to “retarget” the visitors to a website.  This relies upon cookie acceptance+matching+retention producing fractional rates of delivery. With ad placement focused upon a lowest-cpm-rate basis, it is uncertain the intended targets will ever reliably receive messaging.

Reach Companies not Cookies – Ads are delivered using an IP Address basis.  This allows for a nearly 100% reach to the selected companies vs. fractional delivery rates to single devices.

Segment and Target – Forget ad delivery attempts to all site visitors (including customers, vendors, competitors, employees…) VisitorTrack pinpoints the best prospects through scoring of website behavior, visitor demographics, and geography. Then messaging is delivered to these companies across the optimal B2B content network and exchange using VisitorTarget.

Account Based Marketing – Deliver ads to over 18 million businesses from differing target audiences who have not yet visited your website; top prospects, whole business segments, “look alike” audiences.

Standardized Ad Layout – Uses IAB standard formats from 160 x 600 to 728 x 90, static or animated.

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