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Why it’s important to pay attention to the people who visited your website

After your website has been optimized for business visitors, you will more than likely see some increase in your web traffic! Getting web traffic is always a great start to the digital sales process, but with the sheer volume of websites and content on the internet, merely having a digital presence isn’t enough. You need to nurture your leads and reach out to the people who have visited your page.

Lead nurturing is developing the relationship between yourself and your potential buyers, no matter where they are in the sales funnel. It starts from the first interaction they have with your webpage and should continue throughout their entire buyer’s journey.

Who to engage?

To get started with lead nurturing, it’s important to understand that not every business visitor to your website is going to be one that you need to spend a lot of resources to engage. Many B2B websites will use some type of software to identify their leads and find out about them.

Many companies utilize a CRM – Customer Relationship Management – software to keep track of their business leads, enabling salespeople to keep communications and activities with leads and sales opportunities organized. These tools let you log the steps in communication with your leads and show you data surrounding their buyer’s journey, such as how likely they are to ultimately convert and their lead strength. CRMs can be enhanced by additional software that give even more advanced data about the leads and the buyer journey. VisitorTrack, for example, tracks and identifies the anonymous business visitor to your website empowering you to feed your lead nurture and sales prospecting programs with target contacts from companies that are already checking out your site.

slider_Image_4_CroppedOnce VisitorTrack’s code is installed on the website, you can start to identify who is visiting the website without requiring any registration action. Additionally, you are able to track key behaviors that are integral to understanding where they are in the buying process. Once you identify that a specific company meets the target criteria for a high-value prospect, you are able to access key contact information for your targeted buyers who work for the company you have been tracking. VisitorTrack even has an integration application that enables you to integrate saved contacts into your existing CRM platform so the sales team can readily access the top prospects and follow through effectively.

This is a great addition to a standard CRM because it helps salespeople see companies who are visiting, even if they are in the advanced stages of the buying process and not willing to fill out a form. Given that less than 2% of website visitors are inclined to fill out a contact form, having that advanced information about the business visitors is extremely valuable to a salesperson looking to gain trust and insight to who their best leads are.

Lead nurturing is an important part of the buyer’s journey, and it’s a solid way to connect with your leads in a personal way at the beginning of their journey. Look forward to our next post that gives insight to the next step of the buyer’s journey: the comparison phase. In the meantime, learn more about how VisitorTrack is helpful for lead nurturing with Marketo, a popular CRM, or about how to optimize your website for business visitors.