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Business to Business Marketing?

It’s about your Website!

Every prospect will visit your website. Think about it???

  • They’re searching for a product or service you offer.
  • They may have responded to a digital marketing prompt already possessing the pain-point you can alleviate…
  • And (for better or worse) they’re exposed to your brand.

Yet, in B2B, where transaction prices are higher, selling cycles longer, and buyer committees ever larger, few of your site’s visitors arrive, ready with a credit card, on their first visit. In fact, in B2B, less than 2% of website visitors even become a qualified prospect through a “conversion” action. But what if you could get a “list” of these visitors, along with the best contacts at these companies?

We have done quite a bit of research and utilized data from many of the vendors identified above within our own selling and marketing programs. We were interested to evaluate how differing kinds of lists performed. This led to a “ratio” we developed. For any given kind of B2B list, how many telephone conversations would it take for an outbound sales agent to set an appointment for a demonstration? The one with the least number of calls would make up the most-responsive list!

We tested several varieties of B2B lists. These included;

Purchased Lists – such as from those listed above

Targeted Market Technology Lists – based upon website crawling to identify compatible technologies

Email Opens & Clicks – using the Aaron Ross methods for pinpointing prospects who respond to emails (a subset of purchased lists)

VisitorTrack Website Visitors – identifying high-value site visitors (such as those who consume certain pages / many pages, but do not “convert” as a qualified prospect).

Here are the results we have found for the top performing lists;

business to business marketing

business to business marketing list

Now recall the lowest number of dialogs represents the most-responsive b2b prospect source. The results: our website visitors in VisitorTrack were the best business to business marketing list.

Our method: use VisitorTrack as a B2B list by identifying the “Companies” who visit the site. We used some of the “scoring” features to determine the most qualified prospects. Then, using the VisitorTrack “Contacts” matching functions to get the target Contact records at these companies. VisitorTrack uses a data source which contain 100 million+ contact records providing phone and email. This all seamlessly integrates with our CRM and outbound Email platforms (VisitorTrack integrates with 600+ applications.)

In the end, VisitorTrack is a sales and marketing application which produces a “list”. The difference, it is a list of those companies who are already seeking the goods and services we sell. And when you can time the outbound sales and marketing processes used by your company with the website visit actions, you can reach prospects when they are active and early in the consideration phase of ever-more complex buying cycles.