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Here’s the good news: You now have the ability to identify prospective customers who check out your products and services pages on your website – even when these web visitors don’t declare who they are.  Using VisitorTrack from netFactor, you can select your own definition for a “qualified lead,” and then get the company and key contacts information when these targeted prospects peruse your site.

Here’s the challenge: What the heck do you do with information about anonymous visitors who, by definition, don’t want you to know they have an interest in your products or services?  And furthermore, what can you do with visitor data when you don’t know the exact person(s) who visited your website?

Turns out, there is plenty you can do with this information on invisible visitors that you simply couldn’t do without it.

Top Ten uses for VisitorTrack anonymous web visitor information (and some ideas to put the data to work in driving more sales.)

  1. More data on marketing campaign effectiveness. Capture data on the 95%-98% of visitor traffic that don’t fill out a web form.
  2. Augment target prospect lists for marketing campaigns. Add the key contacts from anonymous visiting companies that you don’t already have in your CRM, MAP or DMP database.
  3. Optimize web pages by target prospect interest. (vs. using generic visitor traffic data)
  4. Augment marketing campaign leads (click-throughs & opens) with qualified web visitor leads selected by pages visited, company demographics, geo-location, etc.
  5. Prioritize prospect lists based on the digital footprint of the visitor. Knowing what companies have an interest helps the tele-marketers and sales reps decide who to call first.
  6. Identify prospects early in their buyer decision process. 57% of the buyer decision process is completed before they contact the vendor. Early identification of these prospective buyers gives you the opportunity to influence the buyers’ decision criteria – and avoid competing on features and price.
  7. Connect with the prospect before your competitors do. 74% of time, the “first in” vendor wins the deal.
  8. Identify opportunities for cross-sell/up-sell to existing customers. Tag the company as a client and then get notified when they visit your site.
  9. Increase knowledge of the effectiveness of active sales campaigns. Track the number and frequency of visitors, by geo-location, from your active prospects.
  10. Insights to the customer/prospect decision journey. The digital footprint will give insight to where the buyer is in their evaluation/selection process.

Okay, I get it, you say.  But how do I actually put this information to work?

You don’t need to feel like a stalker to use anonymous visitor information.  The temptation is to call the suspected visitor and say, “Hey, were you the one who just visited the ____ page(s) of our website?”  To the recipient of your call, this would be kind of creepy.  We don’t recommend this approach.  Instead, start with getting the contact information of the key contacts at your prospect for your products and services.  No doubt, you know who you want to reach at your target prospect.  If you don’t already have this person’s contact information, VisitorTrack makes it easy to get this information from ZoomInfo.  VisitorTrack identifies the target company and with one click, you get access to the key contact information you want to reach (or add to your database).

Armed with the contact data for your target contacts at the location from which the visitor is located and with knowledge there is some level of interest from this prospect company at this location, you call your key contact and say, “Hi, I’m ___ from ____.  Not sure if the timing is right for you or your company, but thought you should know…”  Since you know there is interest in your products or services from someone at this company and at this specific location, odds are you will get a favorable response to your call.

If you are a marketer, putting the VisitorTrack information to work is just as easy.  You simply download the key contact information you don’t already have from ZoomInfo, and upload it to your CRM or Marketing Automation tool database.  This is a lot easier and more cost efficient than buying another list.  P.S., since it is contact information from a company you know has an interest in your products or services, you are adding “warm” names to your database.

B2B buyers have taken control of the buying process and research shows that 41% of B2B buyers are waiting longer in the buying process to engage vendors and 57% of the buying process is complete before prospects make contact with the vendor. VisitorTrack from netFactor can help B2B vendors level the playing field.  We deliver intelligence on anonymous visitors.  You turn this information into sales.