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thumbs up and thumbs down hand signsOne of my favorite pastimes is cooking or should I say actually eating! I love to try unique recipes that offer incredible ingredients that are simple, but yet complex.  Although I love to cook, I just don’t have the time to expend making that perfect bite each day.  Renowned celebrity chef Bobby Flay has summed this up perfectly.

“Basically, there are two things we know: Everyone has less time, and the general public is demanding better food – better in terms of quality and better in terms of flavor” – Bobby Flay

In today’s competitive B2B world, finding that perfect bite is the key to success.  Marketers are always searching for the right mix of key ingredients to support their company’s sales efforts while at the same time tasked with forming great content, blogging, social media posts and creating support materials.  You get the picture. In many cases, lead generation takes a back seat or at least the quality of leads passed to the sales team leaves something to be desired (not appealing to the palette).  With the ever changing B2B landscape buyers can get most of the way through the buying process before ever contacting a vendor.  All sales team asks for is that they receive quality leads that they can turn into revenue quickly.  This is not a complex dish by any means!

By chance, if you are a marketing automation user you probably feel you have the complete recipe.  Just like non users, unfortunately, you are still missing this one key ingredient.  This one key ingredient is something very simple.  Anonymous web visitor tracking.  When this ingredient is added to the mix, life becomes a little more savory for everyone!  What sales person is not going to be thrilled to receive a lead that is actually qualified!  Through anonymous visitor tracking, both marketing and sales can achieve their respective goals.  Not only do you know when visitors spent time checking out your website, your sales team has valuable information telling them what and how many pages where visited, which means getting ahead of their competition.

Sounds like a recipe made in heaven to me!

VisitorTrack by netFactor offers this incredible ingredient!  By adding VisitorTrack to your marketing and sales mix, the perfect bite can be created. With only about 2% of all web visitors filling out forms, it is even more important to capture those invisible visitors that are researching your products and services and leaving before they fill out a form.  VisitorTrack provides key contact data so your team can get ahead of the competition.  By adding this last ingredient your recipe is now complete.

Be your own marketing chef.  So don’t’ feed your sales team leftovers when you can provide the perfect bite!  You will be the life of your party and as they say in the culinary world, you are as Cool as a Cucumber!  By creating better leads you add quality and flavor to your marketing efforts in a short amount of time.  Bobby would be proud!