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Springtime in the Denver Tech Center

Springtime in the Denver Tech Center

Looking out from netFactor’s Offices in the Rocky Mountains


It looks like at long last springtime may have come to the Denver Tech Center where the netFactor offices are located. Hard to believe that just this week, the third week of May, Pike’s Peak got two feet of snow!

As a SaaS software provider our customers are located all over the world. And while we interact with them regularly, it has struck me that many will never have the opportunity to visit our offices in beautiful Colorado (or “Colorful Colorado”as the signs claim when you drive across the border from one of those other big square states out here in the west….). It is truly a special place to live and work of which we are very proud.

While we will most often post more “heady” content in our Blog about all things Anonymous Website Visitor Tracking and B2B Lead Gen, from time to time it is good to observe that other world going on just outside of our window. To see life being reborn, and wonder at that great circle as I have done this morning.

Now the other side of this story, and since we have dog-friendly offices, you can just imagine the frenzy our canine friends have been having at their encounter with this circle of life!

We hope springtime has come to your home and work location – and that you can find some time to enjoy the coming of the season and new life going on outside of your own window.