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IP Based Advertising

Reach new prospects or retarget visitors from companies engaging with your content through your digital advertising channels.

Content Localization

Tailor your content or localize your website based on visitor location.

Dynamic Personalization

Personalize or sequentially target content based on a visitor’s firmographic attributes.

Account Based Marketing

Get insights into which companies are engaging with your content to inform your account-based strategies.

Firmographic Insights

Discover relevant firmographic insights such as company name, revenue, industry, stock exchange ticker symbol and more.

Visitor Insights

Transform anonymous website visitor data into insights about the companies engaging with your website to drive marketing and sales pipeline.

VisitorTrack Goes Beyond Traditional IP Record Data

View the public record data for a sample IP address:

Sample Record Data from the VisitorTrack API

Visitor Identification

IP Address:

ISP:  False


Company Details

Company Name:  Salient Corporation

HQ Address:  203 Colonial Drive

HQ City:  Horseheads

HQ State:  New York

HQ Zip:  14845

HQ Country:  US

Phone:  (607) 739-4511


GEO City:  Sayre

GEO State:  Pennsylvania

Geo Country:  United States

Behavioral Insights

Search Engine:  Yahoo

Search Phrase:  corporate data mining

Requested Page:  https://www.website.com

Return Visit:


Pages:  14

Firmographic Information

Parent Company:  Salient Corporation

Industry:  Software Development & Design

Primary SICs:  7371

Employees:  175

Revenue:  $17,500,000.00

Org Watch:  $


“Essential for account-based marketing…

Before selecting VisitorTrack, I evaluated several IP tracking solution providers. None were able to deliver as many accurate hits as VisitorTrack.”

Margaret Pacheco

Global Chief Marketing Officer | Demand Generation | Account-Based Marketing (ABM) | Predictive Analytics

Two API Methods to Suit Your Business Case

IP Submit API

  • IP Address API
  • Submit an IP Address you have collected
  • Complete IP Address record data are appended
  • Comprehensive record is returned
  • ISP or BOT records are flagged

Page View Detail API

  • Javascript-based web visitor API
  • Place on page, or within a container tag
  • Captures visit data for each page viewed
  • All visit data are stored
  • API returns visitor and page by page details

Learn More About VisitorTrack API Capabilities

  • Learn more about the different API’s which are available

  • Obtain Documentation and Record Layout

  • Get configuration and performance details

  • Methods to provide sample data and API tokens

  • Pricing for your usage

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