Understanding Online Buying Signals

A Guide to Digital Body Language

Digital Body Language Guide

Start Reading Your Best Prospects’ Digital Body Language

Since the days of cavemen, humans have been reading body language to determine the intentions of others. In the sales process, reading body language and buying signals has long been used to shorten the sales cycle. With the dawn of the digital age, much of the buying cycle is now conducted online. This evolution has drastically impacted the sales cycle for B2B companies:


  • Research shows that 65% of business buyers use the web to start their research for a solution.
  • Due to the proliferation of product information that is on the web, prospects are generally 65% through the buying process when they connect with a vendor.
  • Fear of email blasts and hounding phone calls have caused savvy business buyers to show more reluctance to fill out contact forms than ever before. On average, only 1-2% of B2B web visitors fill out a form announcing their interest.

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