Regency Interactive Client Success Story

Regency Interactive Corporation Client Success Story

“VisitorTrack is a game changer for our company and, most importantly, many of our clients”

John Saldi, President

Key Takeaways


  • VisitorTrack helps Regency’s clients gain optimized ROI from their online advertising
  • Regency’s clients have found that they can’t live without VisitorTrack technology
  • VisitorTrack partnership provides an additional revenue stream for the agency

A True Value Add For Clients

Regency Interactive is a digital marketing agency located in Wilson, North Carolina, that has been specializing in organic search optimization and Google Adwords Management since 1998. They are customer service oriented and were looking for a way to engage with their anonymous website visitors. They heard good things about VisitorTrack from their clients and decided to try it for themselves, as well as pass it on to some of their clients. Download the pdf to read the rest of the story.

Who is Visiting my Website?

Identify anonymous visitors to your site with VisitorTrack. Check out what others say about us at G2 Crowd