Ditch the Forms – Keep the Data

Ditch the Forms – Keep the Data

Ditch the Forms — Keep the Data

Your Guide to Formless Lead Generation

Guide to formless lead generation

Learn to Generate Leads Without the Forms

Fear of email blasts and hounding phone calls have caused savvy business buyers to show more reluctance to fill out contact forms than ever before.


  • On average, only 1-2% of B2B web visitors fill out a form announcing their interest.
  • The explosion of content marketing has made a large volume of resources available to the B2B buyer. The landscape of the traditional B2B sales and marketing process has drastically changed. Buyers can self-educate by researching content that is designed to lead them through the evaluation process (both your own content and that of your competitors). Forty-one percent of business buyers reported they are waiting longer in the decision process to engage with vendors.
  • Marketing automation platforms are hungry for data from contact forms to feed the nurture process. What is the solution when completed forms seem to be harder and harder to come by?

Get the Guide: 5 Steps for Lead Generation Without Forms

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