Up Your Sales Game:  How to Leverage VisitorTrack and News Events for B2B Lead Generation.

Up Your Sales Game: How to Leverage VisitorTrack and News Events for B2B Lead Generation.

Sales is a highly competitive field and top performers constantly seek out new ways to maintain their edge.  Most seasoned sales pros will tell you it’s all about building the relationship.  While that’s very true, research has shown that it is also about being the first one in the door when there is a buying opportunity.  Seasoned sales pros often benefit from leveraging previous relationships to gain insight on potential new opportunities and get introductions that open doors.  But if you’re new to the sales game, or if you don’t have the right contacts for every opportunity, you don’t have to be left out in the cold.

Let’s explore a specific use case on how to leverage VisitorTrack and news events for B2B lead generation.  While the example for this use case scenario is specific to automotive manufacturing, the actual use case is valid across most types of manufacturing and other industries as well.

On April 19th, 2017, a press release was published on AP News with the headline, “OshKosh Corp. Secures $258M Army Order for Trucks, Trailers.

Most salespeople don’t make a habit of perusing the latest PR headlines. But, if you are actively prospecting and looking ways to generate new business opportunities, it’s a good idea to follow your key business targets on twitter or LinkedIn and scan for relevant headlines.  Businesses will always promote and share their own news releases through social media sites.  In this use case, if you are a salesperson working for a company that manufactures auto parts, or steel, and you see the news headline posted above, you might see this as a great selling opportunity.  If only you had the name and contact information for the contacts in charge of procuring the parts and materials.

This is where VisitorTrack comes in.  With VisitorTrack, a salesperson can look up the OshKosh Corporation in the database to see the key company details and then search for contacts who work at OshKosh.  In this case, we assume that the salesperson knows their target audience and knows which job titles to search for.  The contact search results deliver the names, titles, email addresses and phone numbers for the key decision makers that are most likely involved with procuring parts, materials and other supplies that would be needed to build trucks and trailers.  Now, the salesperson is armed with a list of prospects complete with contact information.  This gives the sales person all the information they need to begin the prospecting process.

In tandem with the selling efforts, marketing teams play an important role in helping the sales team gain traction with very specific targets.  Our next post will continue to explore this use case scenario, but will detail how marketers can use VisitorTrack to support the sales efforts and warm up the leads.

Stay tuned to learn more about how anonymous web visitor data can help you gain actionable information to improve your b2b lead generation strategies.

Who is Visiting my Website?

Identify anonymous visitors to your site with VisitorTrack. Check out what others say about us at G2 Crowd

Press Release: Introducing the New Web Platform for VisitorTrack!

Press Release: Introducing the New Web Platform for VisitorTrack!

netFactor is proud to announce the official launch of the new VisitorTrack UI!

The new platform delivers a powerful user interface and dashboard graphics to advance the capabilities for B2B lead generation through tracking and identification of anonymous website visitors.

VisitorTrack, from netFactor Corporation, which provides tracking and identification of the anonymous business visitors to a website, has been advanced with an all-new interface and powerful reporting capabilities.  This upgrade leverages the latest in responsive web design and graphical enhancements to provide a compelling product for business-to-business lead generation.

Like “Caller ID for a Website®”, VisitorTrack has been the leading website visitor intelligence platform in the marketplace. Where B2B website conversion rates average 1% to 2%, VisitorTrack drives detailed intelligence for the website visitors who do not complete a registration. The many new product enhancements have been launched to provide sales and marketing users around the world advanced reporting functions and a superior visual experience.

“The persona for today’s B2B sales and marketing user is perhaps the most-sophisticated of any product consumer” said Christopher Jeffers, CEO of netFactor. “With so many options for the business-to-business marketing tech stack, driving meaningful differentiators is a very-real challenge when you are presenting complex data. We have dedicated ourselves to matching the quality of our anonymous website visitor intelligence with the most-advanced user-experience.“

Feedback from VisitorTrack users has confirmed the new product design and enhancements have driven considerable advances. Alexandria Dolph, Marketing Analyst for EquipNet, Inc. stated “The ability to export downloaded contacts and read information is just clearer. Much more user-friendly. Easier to navigate.” Other responses to the new VisitorTrack product confirm similar experiences:

“The layout is bolder, brighter and much cleaner looking. The interactive reporting and graphs are great.”

“Quicker, better layout, more report display and format options.”

“Convenient layout, clearly labeled action buttons, greater functionality, and aesthetically more pleasing to the eye. Great job, netFactor!”

VisitorTrack, from netFactor, is used for B2B lead generation by companies around the world. Through identification of otherwise anonymous website visitors, companies are identified, key behaviors are tracked, and detailed person-level contact records are matched. VisitorTrack integrates with hundreds of sales and marketing technologies to include Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, and the leading Email products such as Constant Contact and MailChimp. VisitorTrack is the top-rated Visitor Intelligence offering and leader in Lead Generation by G2 Crowd. VisitorTrack is provided as a software-as-a-service offering, and through API into data warehouses and marketing applications amongst customers and partners.

Learn more about VisitorTrack, check out our guides, or simply begin your free trial today to start gaining actionable leads immediately!

Sneak Preview:  The New VisitorTrack User Interface (UI)

Sneak Preview: The New VisitorTrack User Interface (UI)

VisitorTrack UI Release Coming Soon!








The New Dashboard

Play the video to get a quick preview of the new dashboard for VisitorTrack.

“The layout is bolder, brighter and much cleaner looking.  The interactive reporting and graphs are great.”


-VisitorTrack Client, Inside Sales Manager



“Quicker, better layout, more report display and format options.”

-VisitorTrack Client, Marketing Manager

The Visitor Overview


“Convenient layout, clearly labeled action buttons, greater functionality, and aesthetically more pleasing to the eye.  Great job, netFactor!”


-VisitorTrack Client, Marketing Program Coordinator

Get Contacts


“Much more user friendly and easier to navigate. The ability to export downloaded contacts and read information is more clear.”


-VisitorTrack Client, Marketing Analyst

Do Like What You See?

We hope this quick preview of the our new VisitorTrack UI has you excited about the changes coming up!

So far, all of the feedback from our beta testers has been overwhelmingly positive.  Our clients are loving the clean, interactive layout that is both highly intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. If you have any questions about the UI release and upcoming changes to your VisitorTrack account, or if you would like to get a better look prior to the release, please contact us.

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Who is Visiting my Website?

Identify anonymous visitors to your site with VisitorTrack. Check out what others say about us at G2 Crowd

3 Steps to Improve B2B Lead Quality

3 Steps to Improve B2B Lead Quality

Today, the clear majority of marketers cite lead quality as a top priority in b2b lead generation.  According to the State of Lead Generation 2016 Report from Ascend2, 77% of marketers have pinpointed improving lead quality as a focus, but 53% also cite improving lead quality as the biggest barrier to success.  And another 37% cite their most significant barrier as converting website visitors to sales leads.  Below are 3 easy steps you can take to give your b2b lead generation strategy a boost by improving your lead quality and increasing website conversions.

Step 1: Understand the Buyer Journey

VisitorTrack delivers the most relevant details you need about your anonymous B2B website visitors to succeed in your prospecting efforts. In real-time, VisitorTrack will show you when the visitor came to your site, which page(s) the visitor looked at, and the length of time spent on each page.  These visit details are historically compiled, giving you deeper insight into your buyer behavior. What better way to begin to understand your buyers’ needs, than to have the ability to actually see the exact buyer journey.

Step 2:  Trigger Technology Delivers Real-Time Notifications on Top Prospects

After you pinpoint the buyer behaviors that indicate sales readiness, you are ready to take advantage of VisitorTrack’s Trigger Technology.  VisitorTrack’s Trigger Technology allows you to send automated, real-time alerts to your sales team so you to connect with your hottest prospects both quickly and effectively. Triggers can be customized based on each rep’s sales responsibilities.  Triggers can also be set up to send instant email alerts when campaigns or marketing driven behaviors take place. So, in addition to knowing when it is the ideal time to reach out to a prospect, you will also have key insights into where the prospect is in the buying cycle and what their needs are based on the web visit history.

Step 3: Convert Your Business Visitors into Sales Leads

Trigger Technology provides your sales team with all the company information: Address, Phone numbers, Industry, Revenue, etc. Even more importantly, the Triggers give you the ability to look up the target buyer profiles and save the contact information for your most relevant contacts at those visiting companies.  Once you save your targeted contacts, you can forward those sales leads to your team for follow up. With VisitorTrack, you have the option to make this step even easier by integrating the saved VisitorTrack contacts into your CRM, Marketing Automation or Email platforms.

These are just a few of the ways that you can leverage the power of VisitorTrack to improve the quality of b2b sales leads that you pass along to your teams for sales and marketing action.  If you liked these tips, check out our resource library and other blog posts to learn more about how anonymous web visitor data can help you gain actionable information to improve your b2b lead generation strategies.

Who is Visiting my Website?

Identify anonymous visitors to your site with VisitorTrack. Check out what others say about us at G2 Crowd

Website Visitors, Google & Click Junk

Website Visitors, Google & Click Junk

Website Visitors, Google and Click Junk

VisitorTrack and the Identification of Nefarious Display Ad Respondents

Never before have there been so many digital messaging opportunities available to marketers for b2b lead generation. At netFactor, we really like Internet advertising. Especially those digital channels which let us determine outcomes, as well as the cost of getting there. So we began experimenting with Display Advertising through Google AdWords. By using VisitorTrack, we can track the anonymous web visitors responding to our campaigns. As a result, we improve the ROI through visibility into a whole additional set of prospect targets. Then we discovered we’d fallen victim to “Click Junk”.

For those unfamiliar with this real estate in the digital advertising land-grab, the advertiser prepares a series of images in a variety of sizes (in formats like .gif, .jpg, .png) and puts a link to a landing page behind them. These display ads are placed outside of Google’s search listings onto other participating websites. The advertiser pays a fee based on impressions delivered or upon clicks. That website owner gets a piece of the action. And Google, who provides the platform and marketplace, presumably gets some share of the proceeds.

After initial testing, we liked the affordability of the clicks originating from these placements. This averaged – for netFactor – about 8% – 12% of the cost for a PPC-driven ad response. We found conversion rates were much lower but, due to the lower cost-per-click, these display ads as a b2b lead generator vs. branding medium offered some promise. Our next step was the design of new ad creatives, A/B testing, and then increasing our budget and reach across the Google network.

“…these display ads as a b2b lead generator vs. branding medium offered some promise.”

Once our new ads were completed and determined acceptable by Google’s approval people (more officially known as the Ads Review Team), they began their run. This time round with an even bigger daily spend and reach across the display ad network. The results were impressive. According to the AdWords metrics anyways. Impressions soared, the click rates went up correspondingly, and it was all right there in our web console. Then the visibility of otherwise anonymous website visitors coming from these clicks came sharply into focus.


VisitorTrack is like Caller ID for your Website

Now we drink coffee from our own beans. Our VisitorTrack reporting uncovered a surge in universities and colleges showing up. Lots of them. This is odd because we target B2B companies. More specifically, we do not sell to consumers. And while most of us attended (and even graduated from) a higher-ed institution, they’re just not our market. So how did all these halls of ivy find their way to our website?

VisitorTrack provides a number of visibility features which let us take a deep dive into our own anonymous website visitors. We could quickly trace these visits were occurring from the Google display ads. There is a specific landing page earmarked for this campaign which only display ad respondents would go to.

So while the AdWords console told a story from an aggregate campaign level about the volume of clicks, VisitorTrack quickly uncovered their character. These respondents were almost totally from an educational institution access. Few of these clicks ever viewed more than a single web page! Our paid-for website visitors were Click Junk! You can click to enlarge the screenshot on the left that shows the detail behind who these visitors really are.


If you think about colleges, it is likely most of the visits occur from students. After all, how many students are using the campus Internet access at any time vs. teachers or staff? In many ways colleges should be considered to be not unlike an ISP.

But then suspicion crept in – could these website visits actually be evidence of Click Fraud? Are college students looking for some easy money being put up to clicking by some evil enterprise? This use to be the work conducted in the back-rooms of third-world countries. Or, and entirely worse, have our campus networks been compromised by hijackers performing fraudulent clicks? Our Googling of Google Click Fraud uncovered a number of results which supported an interpretation these website visitors could indeed be nefarious.

“It’s not unusual for a client to panic because a significant portion of their traffic is coming from the same place, only to finally discover that the suspect IP address belonged to proxy server at a public place like a coffee shop, airport, or university.”

Source: http://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2015/08/17/click-fraud


The next chapter in our story involved outreach to Google’s customer service. We’ve found them to be very helpful recently and they were intrigued by our circumstance. The call went something like this….



“How do you really know these were Universities?”


“We use VisitorTrack to identify anonymous web visitors. We can see them coming from this Adwords display campaign”


“What is VisitorTrack?”


“Well, VisitorTrack performs anonymous visitor identification to our website, and from where they came. They came from our Google display ad campaign.”



“Never heard of that. How do you know they came from Google?”


“We can see the landing page – it is not accessible by any other method other than from the display ad campaign. Also, we can see the gcld (a Google Click ID). And we can see detail on each of these visitors. They are colleges and schools.”


“Oh. Can you send me this report?”
And so the report was sent.  Now we await the review and reply from Google. As the case unwinds we will post the progress.