B2B Lead Generation: 4 Strategies to Great Leads

B2B Lead Generation: 4 Strategies to Great Leads

Qualified leads — Sales wants more, marketing is working hard to collect them. When today’s mobile, web, and socially-savvy customers increasingly refuse to give up their contact information or provide false data, finding the right lead-generation formula seems hit-or-miss at best.

4 B2B Lead Gen StrategiesThe days of getting customers to sign up for free newsletters or “more information,” are long gone. With ad-blockers and spam filters firmly in place, it’s hard to get through. Prospects have already done their research and know who they will buy from without contacting a company until they are ready to make their purchase. To get prospects to give up any information, you need a lead-generation “ask” worthy of their time and attention.

The secret is to focus on employing data-driven strategies that:

  1.  Build a solid social media relationship: Use social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter to not only broadcast your message but to make personal and valuable connections. Pick two or three related groups to join and start posting questions, providing answers and connecting people to the tools and resources they need. By leveraging your expertise, you can quickly build trusted relationships that matter to your bottom line.

2.  Bolster conversion rates: Well-performing sites boast of conversion rates that are anywhere between 4% and 7%, but getting there isn’t easy. The key is in the simplicity of design and straightforward calls to action that don’t overwhelm visitors with too many choices — or chances to lose interest. Boosting conversion rates requires constant testing and tracking to tweak individual landing pages and web sections for optimal engagement. Use Google Analytics to understand basic metrics about your visitors, and Heatmap tools that will tell you where your visitors spend most of their time.

3.  Deliver customer-focused content: Understanding and targeting the right buyer personas with the right content — webinars, whitepapers, tips/tricks, free trials, etc.— at the right time is critical. Once website visitors engage, it’s important to score leads by weighting the engagements differently, such as adding points for watching a webinar replay and deducting points for unsubscribing, to understand which leads are most valuable to sales.

4.  Track anonymous engagements: The vast majority of website visitors (98%) do not raise their hand when they visit a website, preferring to remain anonymous. Sirius Decisions’ statistic that 67% of the purchase decision is complete before a customer ever contacts the business, means that the ability to track demonstrated interest based on anonymous website activity is a great way uncover the real diamonds in the early stages of their investigation.

The missing link for most companies is the ability to identify those anonymous website visitors. Unmasking these valuable companies enables your sales team to connect with prospects early with data on what they are interested in, provides marketing the ability to capture leads without lead forms, uncovers new channel growth and extends business and channel opportunities.

NetFactor’s VisitorTrack is an anonymous website visitor tracking tool that discovers the anonymous B2B website visitors and matches those visitors with full contact records. With a comprehensive view of the companies who visit your site, you can identify high-value visitors and shorten your sales cycle. Take advantage the VisitorTrack free 14-day trial and turn your anonymous site visitors into qualified leads that drive more sales. Learn more.

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Who is Visiting my Website?

Identify anonymous visitors to your site with VisitorTrack. Check out what others say about us at G2 Crowd

Top of the Funnel B2B Marketing:  5 Ways to Increase Qualified Leads

Top of the Funnel B2B Marketing: 5 Ways to Increase Qualified Leads

Improving the buying cycle and your ROI depends on your organization’s ability to generate leads and capture website visitors to move them through the buyer’s journey. The C-Suite, marketing, and sales all have a vested interest in driving more leads into the top of the funnel to meet sales numbers.

As any marketer knows, the success of a B2B sales strategy depends on the quantity and quality of qualified leads generated. Sales representatives chasing unqualified leads is unproductive, does not drive conversions and is generally a complete waste of time and money.

With the right tools and strategies, you can turn your B2B leads into sales opportunities. Here are some tips for increasing your qualified leads:

  • Understand prospects’ pains: A potential customer has a pain they are trying to solve. Know your product’s value proposition and how it relates to your prospects’ needs to develop your messaging framework. Your prospect needs to immediately understand how your product or service will solve their pain in order to continue the conversation.
  • Create relevant content: Informative and engaging content that provides value to your prospect is key to moving buyers through the sales funnel. A recent IDG Enterprise survey indicated that 79% of tech decision-makers found that locating high-quality, trusted information on major IT products and services was challenging. The survey also stated that 79% of those respondents said that challenge negatively impacted their decision to buy from a particular vendor.
  • Make your content engaging: One of the major mistakes companies make is having the wrong content strategy. Straight-up sales pitches may have worked a decade or two ago but today’s B2B customers are looking to build a relationship through content that informs, engages and even entertains them. Understand your buyer personas and create content that addresses their pain points in a relevant and helpful way.
  • Follow along the stages of the buyer’s journey: Your content should follow the needs of the prospect throughout their buyer’s journey. In the early stages, your prospect wants to feel like you get understand them and will look for blog posts and explainer videos on market trends that will educate them on their quest. Once they have identified you as a thought leader with a solution that can solve their pain, prospects will look for white papers and product demos. The final stage is move to the evaluation stage where they will make final decisions. The goal is to keep the content relevant and the buyer engaged throughout the entire journey.
  • Track your anonymous website visitors: Only 2% of website visitors will identify themselves to you. Relying on website visitors to fill out a form and request information is not taking advantage of your website’s potential. Tracking who is visiting your site and what they did while they were there holds the keys to identifying a real prospect. Turn that anonymous web visitor intelligence into qualified leads by using visitor-tracking software. Identifying a prospect in that very early information gathering stage and actively engaging them will improve the top of funnel qualified leads and is one of the best ways to improve your ROI.

The power of anonymous B2B visitor tracking provides sales and marketing with the intelligence they need to produce more qualified leads. NetFactor’s VisitorTrack identifies anonymous website visitors and provides a comprehensive view of the companies who visit your site to identify high-value visitors and shorten your sales cycle. We offer a 14-day free trial to demonstrate how tracking, identifying and capturing anonymous business visitors to your website can boost your B2B sales strategy. Learn more.

Who is Visiting my Website?

Identify anonymous visitors to your site with VisitorTrack. Check out what others say about us at G2 Crowd